Where to Get Free Legal Advice in the Philippines

Hello, may I find out which of these institutions offers free immigration legal advice? I would like to ask a few questions about whether my student visa will be downgraded to tourist visa and then applied again for the work visa here at PH. Thank you! Trump`s brother, who has just been arrested by police for drugs, said: « I`m not sure I`m here. He was not drugged when caught and caught red-handed, but was accused of pushing and using. Now he is in prison and has been beaten in prison. I ask if we are going to fight this? Where am I going? We will not be helpless, but we cannot afford to complain. Please give me advice. Thank you very much. POEA`s AIR-TIP provides free legal assistance to complainants who are victims of illegal recruitment and recruitment violations against licensed and unlicensed recruiters, personal trafficking of persons, and violations of POEA rules and regulations by foreign employers. From the website: The Legal Aid Office (OLA) hosts the clinical training program of the College of Law. It provides free legal assistance to poor litigants. It also intervenes actively in matters of public interest. It was created to teach law students the concepts of public service and social engagement of the legal profession, while acquiring practical training in legal practice under the guidance and supervision of supervising lawyers and the Faculty of Law. Good morning, lawyer.

I would like to ask for help in appointing myself and an aunt as the legal guardian of my nephew (my sister`s son). We no longer have any means of communication with either parent and it is difficult for us to obtain a passport for my nephew and update his birth certificate (there should be no middle name) without the mother`s signature. The office was established to serve as a place for the provision of legal services to impoverished and deserving parties who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. It keeps a few fourth-year law students enrolled in practical judicial subjects that serve as articling students. These interns apply their acquired knowledge by preparing briefs in real cases and other legal documents for SOLA`s clients. They also appear in court after actual cases and other legal documents for SOLA`s clients. They also appear before the court under the Student Practice Rule under the direction and supervision of supervising lawyers. This invaluable experience in the legal aid program prepares them to become successful future lawyers. Initiatives for Dialogue and Empowerment through Alternative Legal Services (IDEALS) is a non-profit, non-profit, rights-based institution that responds to the legal and technical needs of marginalized, poor and vulnerable groups. While it may seem intimidating (and expensive) to get legal advice, fortunately, you have a number of options for getting free legal assistance. If for any reason you do not meet the qualifications of the above institutions or simply need quick information or advice on legal issues, you can also read the following information for online assistance. Hi po! This may sound like a joke po pero I would really like to change my name legally.

I like to change my first name, not my middle name or last name, just my first name. Is it legally possible to change my first name? If it is possible, po, how? I can`t find a po kasi article on the legal change of names here in the Philippines. I hope you can help me with that!! Thank you and more power!! Hello po.san po pwede humingi ng libreng tulong from the lawyer regarding illegal dismissal, pregnant discrimination. Similarly, the Legal Aid Society of the Philippines is reachable via Facebook and promises to provide legal assistance to qualified defendants/defendants in ongoing criminal cases. Under this agreement, the PAO provides legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, children in conflict with the law and those involved in adoption cases. The schools listed are so specific (to me) that I agree that they are some of the best law schools www.edukasyon.ph/blog/legal-management-a-pre-law-course-to-consider I have a question about correcting the live birth certificate. I hope you can send me a contact person with whom I can talk about possible legal action. Saligan is a legal non-governmental organization that has been providing development activities to marginalized, disadvantaged and exploited sectors in the Philippines since 1987. You`ll get free legal advice, and if you want to continue, you`ll have the option to hire lawyers or get suggestions from them. Path Legal is another online portal for legal advice. Although it lacks web design aesthetics, the service is quite simple. The Public Prosecutor`s Office provides free legal services and assistance to the poor and disadvantaged, in accordance with the constitutional mandate that « free access to justice may not be denied to anyone on grounds of poverty ».

DOLE, through its administrative arm, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), has an online legal aid program focused on its campaign against illegal recruitment. From the website: The Public Prosecutor`s Office exists to provide poor, oppressed, marginalized and disadvantaged members of society with free access to courts, judicial and quasi-judicial authorities by providing legal services, advice and assistance in accordance with the constitutional mandate that « no one may be denied free access to justice on the basis of poverty » in order to uphold the rule of law. insure. Truth and social justice as components of the country`s sustainable development. Legal assistance covers issues such as legal advice, conciliation procedures, assistance in the preparation and presentation of complaints, and advice on criminal investigations and hearings for illegal recruitment. Under the terms of the agreement, the PAO will provide legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, children in conflict with the law (CICL), and potential local adoptive parents who are biological parents or stepparents of potential adoptees in adoption cases. Victims of domestic violence can use the services of the PAO to file an application for a protection order and/or a civil action for damages. The PAO provides legal assistance to the CICL in the following cases: when the CICL is detained or deprived of its liberty and is in urgent need of legal assistance, and when the CICL is investigated without the assistance of a lawyer. The OAP will only deal with adoption cases if the potential adopter is the biological parent or step-parent of the prospective adoptee and the adopter is destitute. However, the list of free legal advice groups above may be able to help you. Can you recommend a lawyer with extensive child custody experience? And what would be the legal costs? The DTP is your point of contact for free legal aid and should be particularly taken into account if your needs are urgent and your income is scarce. Most legal aid groups require the applicant to be destitute, which means an income of less than Php 14,000 in MM.

As with all institutions on this list, this is part of their efforts to provide legal work experience to their graduates. We need help with free or low cost legal assistance in a case against us: Request for deletion of simulated live birth certificate Hello at raquel bondoc, I have a problem with my B certificate. The time from nso I receive my certificate B no registration. Nso publishes me a negative file. That`s why I need a late registration. So late check-in B certificate done. PSA is coming, I have another B certificate record. What will I do if my legal document and government-issued ID are based on my late registration package? And that`s my real B-Day. Can you help me? PSA TOLD ME THAT I NEEDED A COURT ORDER TO GO TO THE OTHER B CERTIFICATE ISSUED BY PSA. MY REAL OR TRUE B-TAG IS IN THE LATE REGISTRATION FOLDER.

I HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME. THANK YOU First, submit the document for evaluation. Then, advice can be given on what to do. However, there are a few tests you must pass to qualify for legal aid. Like the two organizations mentioned above, they provide impoverished clients with legal assistance under the Student Practice Rule. The program uses selected fourth-year law students to support those who are less privileged. The PAO also provides access to legal aid to sectors in need and implements the constitutional guarantee of free access to justice, due process and adequate protection of the law. With this in mind, we are aware that some people want advice on a legal issue and do not know where to look. Think of this thread as the directory you can search for if you find yourself in such a situation. Hello hello atty.

I need your advice or help Many circumstances have arisen regarding what happened to my father and brother in their case against which we can defend ourselves in court, but unfortunately we still do not have a lawyer until now. But I notice a procedure that I cannot answer, whether it is correct or not. I`ll start about the arrest. After the incident 15-20 minutes ago, my father and brother decide to go to the nearest police station to confess or report the incident, but when they arrive at the station, they have given my mother a piece of paper to fill in personal information such as name.age, etc.